Complete the form below today to sign up for the City of London’s digital FOG control reporting program.

Once enrolled you’ll receive an email invitation with access to a unique business profile. This is a free way to help stay in compliance with the Waste Discharge By-Law.

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I would like to participate in this initiative and, as applicable, allow my service provider to submit service documents to the City of London, ON on my behalf.
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A software system that allows you to upload your grease control device maintenance documents directly to London’s FOG database.

Nothing! Participation is free and encouraged to stay in compliance with London’s Waste Discharge By-Law WM16.

It’s Easy! Easily upload records on your computer or mobile device.

It’s Transparent! Your records are viewable by you, your service provider, and City FOG Inspectors.

It’s Compliant! Completed compliance records uploaded to this service are compliant with the City of London’s FOG Control Program. Your FOG Inspector can review your compliance without inspecting your facility. If an issue arises, we’ll work with you to resolve it, saving you time.

It’s Free! Store your grease control device maintenance records online at no cost to your business.

The London area service providers have been invited to join the system. If your service provider is participating, it will be able to report on your behalf with your authorization. You’ll be able to view the documents the service provider uploads from your SwiftComply business profile.

*Please note, haulers are not required to sign up, so if yours is not participating you will need to report your services.

You are still required to enroll your business even if you are self-cleaners. Once enrolled, just navigate to your business profile, and select “Self-cleaner” when entering a pump out.