Avoid the FOG Clog!

Renewable Water Resources

Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Control Program Business Registration

Once enrolled you’ll receive an email invitation with access to a unique business profile. Here you’ll upload FOG maintenance documents and monitor your compliance. This is a free way to help stay in compliance with ReWas Sewer Use Regulations.

* ex: owner, kitchen manager, property manager

Contact rewa@swiftcomply.com or (619) 304-6022 for assistance


What is SwiftComply?

A software system that allows you to upload your grease control device maintenance documents directly to ReWa’s database.

What does it cost?

Nothing! Participation is free and required to stay in compliance with ReWa’s FOG control program.

Why should I enroll?

To remain in control of your compliance status with the Renewable Water Resources FOG control program.

Can my hauler upload my records for me?

ReWa area service providers have been invited to join the system. If your service provider is participating, they will be able to upload your documents on your behalf with your authorization. Or if they dispose of the collected waste at ReWa’s facilities it will be added on your behalf as well. You'll be able to view the documents the service provider uploads from your SwiftComply business profile.

*Please note, haulers are not required to sign up, so if yours is not participating you will need to upload your documents.

I don’t have a computer or scanner; how am I supposed to upload documents?

Use a smartphone or other mobile device to access your profile. When you are prompted to choose a file, the button will default to your camera to take a photo of the document. No need for a scanner or desktop computer!